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There are a few photos on this page that are my personal favorites. I have always loved Bailey's soles, and he shows them off here (last pic first row & first pic second row). I also love Christian's feet too. He is the one sitting on the weight bench below. Davis is something of a "gay foot fetish" icon. That's him showing off his smokin' hot man feet on the second row with the sunglasses on. I used to be ashamed of having a male foot fetish, but now I am really glad that I have it!

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bailey4barepreview barepreview1 barepreview2 brentley2barepreview
brentley3barepreview bryan2barepreview butch2barepreview caleb2barepreview
caleb3barepreview carson2barepreview chris2barepreview christian2barepreview
christian3barepreview curt2barepreview curtis2barepreview daniel4barepreview


This site was created to share free male foot fetish photos. There are also photos of male tickling, ticklish men tickling other men, men in dark socks, jocks in white socks, gay foot worship, foot sex, and other male feet of all different kinds.If you have photos of male feet, male socks, or male tickling YOU would like to share, just e-mail them to me at THANKS!